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ElegantWeddingReception0209101Roses with chandeliers 

moroccan-wedding-themed-ceremony-decoration1 Moroccan-wedding-themed-ceremony-decoration                                        






wedding ceremony decorations 2wedding ceremony decorations 

wedding-car-10Wedding car  




Chandelier, Chandelier for wedding, Wedding Chandelier

 Chandelier for wedding, Wedding Chandelier

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Winter Surprises !

 Fill Winter With Flowers

Shrug off the chill and lift your spirits with the beauty of winter’s most delicate flowers.

The casual observer may find little interest in the winter garden, but for those who like to look closer, there is much to appreciate and many wonders to admire. It is not like spring, when plants awaken and explode into a kaleidoscope of colours, nor is it like summer, when each bloom tries to outdo the other. Winter is slower, gentler, but equally as precious as seasons go, full of magical surprises and fragrance.

Crazy for Cockscomb!

We know what you’re thinking–what is cockscomb ?!  Well, its not anything dirty, in fact, its actually a really pretty flower also known as “Brain Celosia” and its the perfect addition to bouquets and centerpieces. Cockscomb is available January-February, and July-October depending where you live and if it can be grown locally (It may be even more available than I just listed if you find a local growing source). It looks great in a fall bouquet and comes in yellow, light green, dark red, rusty orange, ivory and dark pink. Here are some examples of this brain-like velvety flower in action!


Cockscomb wreath

Cockscomb and Rose Bouquet












Genus of 700-900 species of evergreen perennials, many epiphytic, with erect, sometimes climbing stems, from wet mountain forest in tropical and subtropical North and South America. Anthuriums are very attractive plants all year round. The flowering season stretches from spring to late summer.Unfortunately Anthuriums are not easy to grow and only the most popular one is reasonably tolerant of ordinary room conditions. All parts may cause mild stomach upset if ingested, and contact with the sap may irritate skin.





Anthurium and the bird of paradise bouquet 

Anthuriums are really interesting and exotic looking, almost like plastic flowers.  They make great cut flowers that last a long time.








celosiaCelosia is a small genus of edible and ornamental plants in the amaranth family, Amaranthaceae. The generic name is derived from the Greek word κηλος, meaning “burned,” and refers to the flame-like flower heads. 

Winter bouquets


pink rose bouquet

Winter Greens and Pinecones….

Pine cones have many uses in a winter. From decorations to bouquets, pine cones are elegant and versatile. 

Like this boutonniere?

“Rustic Wedding Boutonniere, made with pine cone. Such original yet very classy men boutonniere. Perfect for every outdoor wedding. Decorated with twine and champagne color ribbon. Comes with one decorative pin.

The bouquets with pine cones and foliage looked beautiful with the white roses

Pinecone nosegay               

White roses with Pinecone    Bouquet

While traditional flower choices are always in style, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise in working with exotic flowers in arrangements, bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Presentation is everything, and we have the experience needed to make your floral order stand out.

Flowers of the Field provides online ordering and viewing of examples of our work. You can also contact us by email in order to discuss your specific interests and needs. If you live in the area, we welcome your visit to our boutique and look forward to working with you not only now but also in the future as we continue to address your floral needs. We are excited about our craft and are pleased to see the excitement and joy that our designs bring to those with whom we work.